Taglialatella Galleries Palm Beach Hosts Reception in Honor of Geoffrey Bradfield's "A 21st Century Palace: Asia"

Taglialatella Galleries Palm Beach hosted a receltion in honor of Geoffrey Beadfield's new book A 21st Century Palace: Asia on February 15, 2020. Artwork by 20th and 21st-century masters, including Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Russell Young, Mr. Brainwash, and Jean-Michel Basquiat served as the backdrop for the event, celebrating the publication dedicated to Bradfield's international contemporary architectural projects.


In a career spanning 50 years, Geoffrey Bradfield has earned countless acccolades including Robb Report's Top Ten Designers in the World. He has appeared on the Architectural Digest AD100 list of top designers numerous times. Hi firm, now recast as B&T Global with Roric Tobin as full partner has long managed an international roster of projects for such figures as director Oliver Stone, Alibaba founder Jack Ma, and SoftBank tycoon Masa Son.



Palm Beach Modern: Pitbull + Geoffrey Bradfield + Winslow Homer + Snowbirds


Roric Tobin, Amy Hoadley, and Geoffrey Bradfield.


When better than Presidents’ Day weekend in South Florida … 80+ degree weather, offshore winds, rain, endless traffic jams, delays on the Middle Bridge, I-95 gridlock at all hours, helicopters hovering, motorcycle motorcades, sheriff cars at every intersection, and 45 having a night out from the Old Post House for a fundraiser in the North End at Monsorrel hosted by Nelson and Claudia Peltz.


Despite the challenges, this year’s Everglades Foundation gathering appeared sold out. In just a few minutes I met guests from Dallas, New Jersey, Naples, Denver, Dublin, and Miami, as ready to donate as rock along with Pitbull + Friends … while not as jaw dropping as Cardi B or Tyler the Creator, PB is a hybrid entertainer with a touch of Calle Ocho plus a dash of South Beach, and the Pitbullettes were Vegas-ready.


45 has arrived.


Before motoring to The Breakers, I stopped in at Taglialatella Gallery on Worth Avenue. Interior designer Geoffrey Bradfield was book signing (A 21st Century Palace Asia) and introducing his longtime associate Roric Tobin as a full partner, having recast their signature brand as B & T Global, to an SRO crowd of supporters and clients. A longtime associate designer with Bradfield’s firm, Tobin now shares equal amperage in the spotlight with Bradfield, focusing on their international roster of clients from Hollywood to Jerusalem to Mumbai.


At Friday afternoon’s Four Arts reception, I was talking about the weather with Jane Rylands, a recent South Florida émigré, who indicated it wasn’t the climate she expected. As for many years, she and her husband Philip Rylands, Ph.D., the new president and CEO of The Four Arts, have lived in Venice where he was director of the Collezione Peggy Guggenheim. 80+ degrees in February? Rain and wind in February? Welcome to the New South Florida calendar when the actual seasonal weather may be in May or October.


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Courtesy of Augustus Mayhew and The New York Social Diary