INTERVIEW LUCAS RIBEYRON | Taglialatella Galleries Paris

Isabelle de Maison Rouge interviews artist Lucas Ribeyron at Taglialatella Gallery, Paris ahead of his November exhibition with the gallery. Ribeyron is a visual artist inspired by CCTV image and how they play with the relationship between self and the world.  

Winner of the Pierre Gautier-Delaye Prize, the artist is a resident of the Cité Internationale des Arts in 2019. He takes part in the “Appareiller” exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo in 2017 and then “100% l'Expo” during the “100 Festival % ”At La Villette in 2019 as well as at multiple events at Villa Belleville and Shakirail. Starting from the observation of a reversal of the perception of the world which is constantly observed and watched, the urban artist envisages the video-surveillance system as a narrative point of view.

For the artist, this emblematic event raises a multitude of questions regarding the relationship with the image and the codes: regular cycles see religious images deteriorated or destroyed, this link to violence vis-à-vis images makes a new both the artist's point of view towards something else, religion and its iconography symbolizing a form of power, control, violence, so many themes embodied by video surveillance that question the omnipresence of the media, like a new form of religion? Who controls who and why?

The exhibition at Taglialatella Galleries, Paris opens in October..
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