Harper's Bazaar Interiors | Russell Young


Russell Young's artwork featured in Harper's Bazaar. Ferris Rafauli: Inside The Toronto Home Of The Man Behind Drake's Iconic Interiors. A contemporary classic masterpiece rooted in the finer details, world-renowned interior designer Ferris Rafauli’s Toronto home is a timeless fusion of fashion, art, design and luxury.

Since his childhood years, Ferris Rafauli was mesmerised by the world of architecture and design, perpetually drawn to the finer details in life. Over the past two decades, the world-renowned Canadian architectural and interior designer’s career has seen him design the homes of several prestigious clients, with the most recent project, dubbed The Embassy, being multimillionaire rapper Drake’s home in Toronto.

Noting inspiration from high fashion and integrated designs, Rafauli seeks to marry all elements to create a single unity between fashion, design and art. “Every element of the design is connected and integrated into each other, achieving a harmonious visual unity with all the tasteful ingredients of high design and the ultimate in luxury,” he says.

“It is not a house, it is not a property,” says Rafauli. “It is art. All wall-to-wall art installation.” There are authentic bronze metal screens towering over two levels, fabric and suede walls and large, oversized glass walls welcoming an abundance of natural light to fill the home, emanating warmth and a sense of understated comfort. Most of the furniture has been custom-designed by Rafauli himself and is also featured in his FR furniture collection.