Bronx News 12 | Gallery revives art icon Keith Haring's Pop Shop in NYC

The show is composed entirely of Haring's fine art, memorabilia and merchandise. It's modeled after his store, the Pop Shop, which was located on Lafayette Street in SoHo.

“[We] kind of thought why don’t we just recreate this famous store from SoHo and really reintroduce it to people that were in New York in the '80s and were familiar with the Pop Shop but also introduce it to a younger generation of people,” said Brian Swarts, a partner at Taglialatella Galleries. 

Swarts says the Pop Shop was a novel idea back in its time, with Haring as one of the first artists to create a store for his work - making it easier for everyday people to access and purchase pieces. It had everything from T-shirts, watches, coffees cups to buttons.

“We were able to work with the former manager of the store, named Robert Rich, to put together this very large collection – really like a cache of vintage memorabilia and merchandise. We had over 500 items from the store, as well as 50 items of artwork in the front of the gallery,” explained Swarts. 

The gallery is open to the public from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. at 229 10th Ave. Admission is free.