New York – NY – March 11, 2021 – Taglialatella Galleries is excited to announce the first multifaceted gallery program dedicated entirely to NFTs – nonfungible tokens – or digital, collectible artwork. Taglialatella Galleries will launch Tag NFTs this spring, offering an entirely new way in which art enthusiast and collectors can engage, experience, enjoy and even own a piece of this new untethered and unlimited medium of creativity.

“It is not a question on whether or not NFTs will replace art. They won’t. They never will. Nothing can replace the smell of art, or the feel of a print, but they do provide a dynamic view of the artists world that still art is not capable of. In some ways the idea of collecting digital art opens art collecting up to everyone, not just those with large houses and bank accounts.  The passion of collecting art is now open to those who live in studio apartments as well as mansions.” ~Logan Hicks

Tag NFTs will launch a branded online “store front” marketplace, while also building an experiential VR gallery space for collectors to explore curated shows, view and purchase tokens created by Blue-Chip names of the contemporary art world and minted by Tag NFTs. Artists represented by Taglialatella Galleries – such as Mr. Brainwash, Logan Hicks, Joe Iurato, Rubem Robierb and Russell Young – will be some of the first artists to curate campaigns and offer limited-edition digital collectibles through Tag NFTs.

Tag NFTs will also exhibit tokens on the highest quality QLED screens in-store, on display for the public to view in the physical gallery spaces, future pop-ups and art fairs. Collectors will have the ability to view and acquire these exclusive tokens in a traditional gallery setting, purchasing securely and seamlessly with the scan of a QR code from a phone or device. 

The NFT space offers unbridled possibilities of exhibiting, collecting and producing artwork, and Tag NFTs hopes to be of-guidance for this journey into a new realm with anyone open to embracing it. Please email, follow @taglialatellagalleries on Instagram, or sign up for our mailing list to be informed as Tag NFTs comes to life.