Metamorphosis by Rubem Robierb

International Opening Dates:

Paris: September 13th, Toronto: September 27th, New York: October 4th

September 13 – October 18, 2018

Press Release

Taglialatella Galleries is pleased to present Metamorphosisby Rubem Robierb.  


The month-long International exhibition will take place simultaneously in Taglialatella Galleries’ Paris, Toronto and New York locations in fall, 2018, followed by an encore reception in Palm Beach, Florida in early 2019. Metamorphosis will explore Robierb’s journey as a visual artist, harnessing the strong aesthetic skills gained from his initial work as a photographer, which he now employs within a diverse range of multi-media prints, paintings, sculptures and three-dimensional works.


Robierb began his career as a young photographer in advertising, working primarily within the fashion industry of his native Brazil, but felt drawn to the freedom sanctioned by other forms of art such as poetry, which would allow him to work within many different cultures and places around the world. After moving to the US, Robierb’s work became more provocative as he began to use his art as a vehicle to explore and reflect on the complexities of American society. Through the sharp juxtapositions between visual representation of the physical world and underlying universal socio-cultural issues present in these works, Robierb forces his audience to question the importance of material possessions in a new context. Today, Robierb’s imagery is never without this dichotomy, as the artist is continually inspired by opposing ideas of topical issues and concerns. Robierb says he has enlisted in what he calls a “Love Army” and his mission is to explore art and action in one - as a voice of hope, love, and positivity. Metamorphosis is an exhibition of these powerful images and ideas he would like to share with the world.





The initial opening and reception for Metamorphosis will be held on September 13th at Taglialatella Galleries Paris, located in the historic Le Marais district, rekindling the artists relationship to the country in which Robierb first exhibited his work via the Art et Partage Association in Aix de Provence, France, 2005. From there the artist will travel to Toronto for a reception at the Canadian location, in the Yorkville gallery on September 27th. To round out the simultaneous exhibition, Robierb will then travel to New York City to open the gallery’s first major exhibition of the season on October 4th in Chelsea, Manhattan. A 2019 reception in Palm Beach, Florida (date TBA) will take place after Art Basel to follow the holiday season.



Opening Reception will take place at Taglialatella Galleries Paris on Thursday, September 13th. The reception will be held from 7pm - 10pm. The artist will be in attendance.